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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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"; and, besides translations of the Scriptures, a considerable number of books hare
been published in it. The standard dialect is considered to be that of Chcrrapunji and
its ncMkboudwod, where the first efforts to give the language a literary form were made;
and the education imparted by the missionaries, who have now occupied with their
schools every part of the Kliasiancl Jaintia IliUs, has contributed to spread the use of that
dialoct throughout the Khjwsi-speaking area Khassi is the official language of the
courk, aud is" recognised by the Calcutta University, students from the Hills offering
themselves for matriculation being examined in it as a second language in addition to

The best account of it is contained in the Grammar by the Rev, H. Boborts; but,
as the list below shows> there are many works from which a knowledge of it can be gained.


EoiiiSOK, W.—Notes o% the Languages spokm by the various Tribes inhabiting the Yalhy of Asam and

its Mountain Confines.   Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Vol. xvui, Pfc I, 1849, pp. 183

and 310.   Kasaia Giammar on pp. 336 and ff.   Vocabulary on pp. 342 and ff.
KOBINSON, "W—The  Khasia  Bills.   Qakutta Renew, Vol. xrra, 1856, pp, 56 aud jEE.    Contains a

Grammar, etc.
PSYIE, BEY. W,~-Ittfrodttcftow to the Khasia Language, comprising a Grammar, Saltations for Reading,

and a, Vocabulary.   Calcutta, 1855.
GABELEITIZ, H.  0,   VOH   DBR — In BericUe  tiber  die   Verhavdhngen dor   Komglichcn sachaischon

GesellscKaft dor Wissenschaften, X (1858.)
SCHOXT, W.—-flit Cassia-Spraohe van, nordostlwhen fadwn, ncbst ergdntsenden Bmerktingen uber das Tai

odw Siamssischo.   Berlin, 1859.

DALTON, E. T.—-Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal.   Calcutta, 1872.  Khasi Vocabulary on pp. 235 aud ff.
OiMFBSLLj SIE G.—-Specimens of tht Languages of India, including those of the aboriginal Tnbw of Btnyal,

tfaGmtial Provinces, and the Eastern &ontwr*   Calcuttas 1874    Khasi Vocabulaiy on pp, 220

and ff., and pp, 272 and ff,   The latter has also a Vocabulary of the Synteng dialect.
Ho?ELACQUE, ABEL.—La Langue Khasia etudtee sous la Rapport de I*Evolution des Formes.   Paris, 1880
KoMtbTi) B*T. H,—Anglo-Khasst Dictionary for the Uie of Schools andf Colleger   Calcutta, 1875.
RoBkBf s, RET. H,-—E'^a5si Primer} Vernacular 8enest Part I, and Part ILt with Vocabulary*   Calcutta
Sciiool-book-Society, 1876

EOBEBIS, BKV. H.—A Grammar of the Khassi Language for the Use of Schools, Native Students^ Officin,
and English B«ritk»fc.   London, 1891

, J,—Ore the Kha&i Language    Proceedings of the American Oriental Society for 1883, pp, cbtxiii
and ff.   In Vol. xi (1885) of the Jownal of tho Soci&fcy,

, C. L.—EAast Primer.   Khadrawphrali (Khaai Hills), 1895.

SoLOMOI, U-JoB,—The Reader's  Companion,   bwnq   an easy guide how to speak   and write
ShiUong, 1895.

PSOBUHOIATIOir.—Tho language has been provided with a written character^—
Ike Bx)man-by the Missionaries, who haye used a system for expressing sounds partly
derived from their own Welsh. Thus words in Khassi as written do not agree with the
scheme of representation adopted elsewhere in this Survey. According to the established
system the following vowels have sounds not represented elsewhere by the same means : —
a is sot tiie Aryan a, but the Aryan d somewhat shortened, as in Bengali and
Assamese (German & fa. Mom)*
6 short and £ loag both occur,
9 repseseutfi the abrupt o i* * goaesl«pot' j a, the sound in«bone ',